Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Cumshots Girls House has passed a million views overall. Thank you from the heart to all of you!

    In these days our blog cuts a great achievement. We have in fact exceeded 1 million views overall from 28 August 2011 to today (to be exact to 1 million and about 6,000 total visits). We're really happy for this result, now that our average daily visits has settled to about 3,600 and it is an amazing achievement because we are talking about a topic like porn, the most watched and searched the Internet, now available to all adult users because there are thousands of free sites. In the midst of so many giants who publish and share porn videos there is also our little blog in which we try every day to open a window onto the cinema genre most intriguing and popular in the world. A genre that likes to all men and, fortunately, also to so many women. To celebrate our great result we would like to propose a cumshots compilation. It’s not a compilation like others for us. We assembled it in the autumn of 2011 and published on a website in order to promote our blog. The success of this video was amazing and at that time in which we have published online has helped to give our blog the first soaring views. It  been shared on dozens of sites and viewed by millions of users. The title is "Cumshots Stars Compilation in slowmo", which I personally assembled with some of the most famous divas of that time. Contributing to the success was the music, a medley of some of the most beautiful songs of the classic rock. It seems the best way to celebrate with you the milestone of one million views ...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Small trip in the history of porn to the discovery of the double pleasures. They are with us Patricia Rhomberg, Samantha Fox, Ginger Lynn, Moana Pozzi, Anita Dark, Eve Angel and Aliz

    The great merit is undoubtedly of Chanel Preston. Revise her beautiful scene that we shared in the previous post makes me think of the great erotic beauty of a threesome in which an actress engages with two male partners. It's a classic situation of porn and those who follow our blog know that from our point of view is an erotic situation extremely exciting. All the great divas have interpreted memorable threesomes and the porn history is filled with hundreds of thousands of beautiful scenes on this issue. Shouts of joy will arise therefore from our fans behind the announcement of our new "Melody Time”. Seven scenes from the 70s to today. Seven great artists united by a slogan: "Two cocks are better than one” ...

    We start our journey from the late 70s. We are in 1977 and the wonderful Patricia Rhomberg, fresh from the huge success of "Josephine Mutzenbacher" released the previous year, plays another memorable film. The title of this little gem of german porn is "Kasimir der Kuckuckskleber" and is the story of Larissa Holm, a woman who begins to prostitution to pay off many debts but at the same time feels a great pleasure in this. The scene that you can see in the video above is obviously a threesome. The sequence are extremely attractive for all lovers of vintage porn. The high definition is science fiction at that time but the skill and talent of the austrian diva are indisputable beyond the years and generations. We're talking about Patricia Rhomberg, the artist who more than any other in the '70s introduced the modern porn.

    We move forward in time of two years, we are in 1979. The main character of this beautiful scene from "Honeysuckle Rose" is the naughty Samantha Fox (not to be confused with the pop star of the british music in the '80s) which engages in a threesome with two porn legends. Her partners are in fact John Holmes and Hershel Savage and is the bout between three icons of the “Golden Age”. This is definitely one of the most intriguing scenes in the career of Samantha, another of the many american divas of incredible talent.

    About encounters between icons, hats off (and underpants) in the presence of the video that you can see above. Female protagonist in the role of a strict mistress is the fantastic Ginger Lynn dealing with the education of two slaves really excellent as Peter North and Tom Byron. The film is "Ginger Effect", released in 1985, and this is one of the many scenes with erotic high voltage that sees at center stage the extraordinary diva of Illinois.

    The leap that we do now is long enough, we cross the ocean and go to Italy, the year is 1992 and the porn made in Italy is experiencing a moment of extraordinary splendor thanks to Moana Pozzi. The film is "Fatal Excitement" and the cast, in addition to Moana, also sees Angelica Bella and Jessica Rizzo. In this particular clinic that is the location of this movie really happen of all the colors from the sexual point of view and if the doctor is the unforgettable italian porn queen then comes out a threesome packed with double pleasures ... in every sense. Surely one of the most beautiful scenes of double penetration between those performed by this magnificent artist who had the merit to be appreciated even by italian housewives.

    For all those who, like me, have started to follow daily porn in the 90s, the artist of this video that you can see above is a true legend. No one was immune to the magic of her gaze and her overflowing erotic charge. The star of this video is the beautiful Anita Dark, engaged in a threesome with two porn superstars of that era as Christophe Clark, who is also the director of the film, and John Walton. The scene, ennobled by a remarkable double penetration, is taken from "Offertes à tout 7. Fantasmes à l'Est", a french production released in 1995.

    We're in the new century, practically in its infancy. The production year is 2002 and the film is "Anal Intensive" that among its protagonists sees a very young Eve Angel. The hungarian artist has never made any secret of her sexual preference, more oriented towards women. But every time that Eve was called upon to interpret a straight scene she always did it in great style by showing an incredible talent in anal sex, and, as in this scene, in double penetration. The sequence is absolutely amazing. 

    Our journey today ends in 2012 and it is with great pleasure that we return to show a fantastic scene interpreted by Aliz (pictured). The film is "Lost Heaven" and it's perfectly useless to dwell on the description of the video you see above if you know well the hungarian artist . If there is Aliz on the set then the viewer knows that will see an extraordinary anal performance. If the partners of Aliz are two or more than two, then there will be a stunning double penetration. What for many artists is extraordinary, for her was absolutely ordinary. Aliz is on the screen, there is only to look at and enjoy.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chanel Preston, interracial threesome with final sperm party

    There are some things that really can not wait even a minute to be published because we are so convinced of their beauty and their artistic and erotic value that our immediate desire is to share them with you. To offer us this cue is a fan of our blog that writes from Australia. His nickname is Nightcrawler87 and is a great admirer of the beautiful Chanel Preston. We can not blame you dear Nightcrawler because Chanel is one of the most extraordinary divas in the world of today’s porn. Our australian friend would like to see on our blog a particular scene of his favorite actress, "it’s an interracial threesome that ends with a bukkake" wrote Nightcrawler in his email. The description leaves no doubt and the film is "The brotherload 5", released by Jules Jordan last November, probably one of the finest performances in the career of this wonderful artist born in Alaska. It is a truly magnificent threesome with anal sex, double penetration and a spectacular end in which Chanel, in addition to receiving cumshots in her face by the two scene partners, takes three more abundant facials. A true masterpiece all to enjoy for our Nightcrawler but also for all fans of our blog ...

Happy birthday Georgina!

    For mature porn fans she does not need any introduction. Younger people may not know her or have seen this extraordinary artist in some old clips of the 70s or 80s. Yesterday, March 1 (yesterday for us that we are in Europe ), the legendary Georgina Spelvin has turned 78 y.o. and is due on our part to wish happy birthday to a true icon of the "Golden Age" of porn. Georgina, whose real name is Michelle Graham, was born in Houston in March 1, 1936. The film that made her immortal is definitely "The Devil in Miss Jones”, another erotic masterpiece born by the genius of Gerry Damiano (after “Deep Throat”) in 1973. From that moment the career of Georgina literally takes flight and she became a symbol of the "porno- chic", the protagonist of the unforgettable movies as "Inside Georgina Spelvin", "3 AM", "Babylon Pink", "Love Airlines", "For richer for poorer " and "Garage Girls", just to mention a few of her many movies (there are over 100). Among the curiosities of her career, let's talk now of mainstream cinema, her little role in the hit comedy series "Police Academy" of the '80s. Georgina Spelvin was a prostitute hidden along with Carey Mahoney in the empty space behind the small tent, under the microphone in which the commander Lassard was talking, and there she does a blowjob to the commander while he holds his speech: definitely one of the funniest sequences of the film.
    At that time, it was 1984, our Georgina was 48 years old and from two years had left the red light set. Proud of her pornstar’s past, she was always in contact with the industry and in 2006 played a role in the remake of "The Devil in Miss Jones" starring among others by Jenna Jameson. In her career she has also won six AFAA (Adult Film Association of America ) Awards, the prize reserved to the excellence of porn in the 70s and 80s before the birth of the AVN Awards. To Georgina Spelvin is obviously dedicated the today’s video and all lovers of vintage porn will certainly have their mouth watering. It is in fact a compilation with some of the most beautiful scenes of the career of this wonderful diva. Enjoy it ...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Madison Parker, dirty double penetration from "Dirty Slut"

    Among the artists who have left the porn set is probably what I miss the most. Madison Parker, the hungarian fairy, the diva who did become pure art the double penetration. She is without doubt one of the most talented performer of the first 14 years of the twenty-first century. Our Madison has not been an exception and like many hardcore artists that after leaving their profession they literally disappear their tracks. We know, through a few and fragmentary informations, that she is married and has one or two children, but in this case it’s news that need official confirmation. In any case really miss a lot her smile, the ease with which she performed on the set in any sex scene, that her round ass with which caught the imagination of millions of man. Therefore we are always waiting that her come back, that elects to return to making movies ...we are waiting from almost three years. She is still very young, will turn 25 years old next June. In this post we 'll see Madison in one of her spectacular double penetrations from "Dirty Slut", a video released by the network AssHoleFever in 2009 …

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Franceska Jaimes, cumshots collection

    We are always willing to accept the advice of our fans. They are the ones who follow us all the days in a diligent way and write to us and sometimes make us valuable suggestions on the videos to post and share. Some days ago our friend Carlos wrote to my personal email to ask about our amateur video (take advantage of this to remind you that my email to request our promo from which to choose the amateur video that most excites you is always and also expressed the desire to see a cumshots compilation of the beautiful and sensual colombian artist Franceska Jaimes. The video of this post is therefore dedicated to Carlos and to all the fans of the beautiful Franceska ...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Two fantastic POV scenes: starring the hot and sexy Jayden Jaimes

    The POV, which as you all know is an acronym for Point of View, was born essentially with the porn but has also been used in mainstream cinema. Perhaps not everyone knows that the term POV was born in the 90s, and initially the meaning was "Prostitutes On Video" in which the male protagonist filmed a sex scene with a girl presented not as a pornstar but as a prostitute, a series by very amateur connotation. The meaning of POV as Point of View it states on the other hand at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Since then were filmed thousands of videos of this genre and it is understandable if we consider the high level of excitement for the viewer that is virtually as if he interacted with the girl on the screen. Today we want to be generous to all lovers of POV and all fans of the sensual Jayden Jaimes. We see two videos, both starring the californian artist. Two different ways of play the POV but in both cases you will be bewitched by the enchanting look of Jayden and her voluptuous curves ...

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